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New Report - Statement of cash flows report


Hi, just had a look at the new report Statement of cash flows, excellent report, however when drilling down on the purchases I notice there is no VAT breakdown as there is on sales, any reason why this cannot be added into the report?


Hi @lythamlad

Can I just confirm where you’re referring to on the report please?

I’m just looking at one I have here, and I can see, that if I can on the Receipts from customers value, it expands to show 2200 Sales Tax Control Account, with a breakdown.

Likewise, if I click on Payments to suppliers and employees, I have the option of 2201 Purchase Tax Control Account.

So I just want to be sure we’re both on the same wavelength.


Sorry didn’t notice 2201 purchase tax control account. Job sorted, thanks very much for your quick reply


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