New Santander site - March 2015

Hi Glen,
Can you check out the Santander bank feed please.
I have attempted to log on,it will now not complete the password fields.
The Site has undergone a major revamp.
You only have three attempts before you’re locked out.\



Yes, I’ve come across this today too. However, the export to Quickfile feature is still fine once logged on manually.

This is one of the inherent problems with bank feeds, whenever major UI changes occur, half the feed needs to be rewritten from scratch. We will have to put this in our development queue so depending on the extent of the changes it should take around 1 week to fix.

@jack @BanksyBoy

Please retry now, we’ve just pushed out a fix for this.

It wasn’t a major overhaul under the covers, just a bit of window dressing.

Yes, works perfectly, many thanks, again!


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Cheers Glen,
Works a treat.


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