New user unable to log in with 2-factor authentication

I have created a new user:

but when the user is trying to log in they’re getting this message:

However, I don’t see anything for me to do as an administrator to enable 2-factor auth.

Something must be wrong.

It’s in ‘Account Settings’ (you need to actually click the menu option, not just hover over it), last option on the list before ‘3rd Party Integration’.

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Thank you @Lurch.

I’m afraid the process to set up a new user with 2-FA enabled is not idiot-proof yet — as my case proves.

I would be nice to be able to avoid the extra step of separately having to go to

It could be rolled up into one process, together with

I’m not sure we can roll this into one process, however I think we should be at least making this clearer, whenever a new user has been added, i.e. to redirect to the 2FA setup screen.

I will log this and we shall have a look soon.