New User - where do I start before going live?


After receiving a letter from HRMC I have been told I must go MTD for VAT payments. When I called them, they directed me to a list of 22 free software products, the call handler seems to recommend using Quickfile.

I have been trying to set up Quickfile to start using it in Jan 2022.
My business is machinery inspection, I don’t have any suppliers, I only send out invoices.

Is Quickfile generally recognised by most accountants?

I seem to lack the confidence to go live with Quickfile, is there anyone who would be prepared to offer me some pointers on how to get started. I can produce and send invoices ok.

Welcome to quickfile.
A good start point is the knowledge base

Almost any accountant could help you with your accounts in quickfile. There is also a directory of accountant who a specialised with quickfile.

I am a normal user of quickfile and from my experience I can tell you it is a great software and I am pretty sure you wil not regret it.

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