Night out and toll tax in invoces, how to proceed?

Hi guys and thans for the awsome software Quickfile. Here’s my question: My invoices (being an HGV driver with Ltd company) include a night out and a toll tax reimbursements sometimes. Knowing that the nightout is a tax free income and the toll tax is something that I payed for and should get reinbursed, how to claim these incomes: night out and how to claim the expence: toll tax out from my invoices

I would guess that I shoud either make a journal or a purchase from the same contractor for the amount of the Nightout or toll tax.

Any advice would me much appreciated!

PS: I am not giving up my current accountant (at least not yet :wink: ), but need to have a sepparate book keeping so I’ll know how’s my company doing…

Is the issue passing these additional expenses on to your client or how to reimburse yourself from your own company?

Let me devide the question in two. The night out they pay is tax free, but my agency includes it in the self billing invoice. I shouldn’t pay tax on it but at the same time I cannot put the invoice in Quickfile without this night out money. Example: 600 work +30 nightout =630 in the invoice (all money in my business account) I whould pay tax on 600 but need to enter the invoice in full. The question is how to proceed with the 30 quid night out.

Same applies with the toll tax. Exapmpe 600 work + 30 night out + 10 toll road =640. all money in my business account. What to do with the 10 pounds as they are actually reimbursement.

Thanks for your help!!! :smile:

Mr. FolkLondon, neither of these . Nightout is an income which is tax free. As for the toll motorway that they reimbursed me, the money came out from my personal bank account, and came in later in my business account as reimbursement. They belong to my personal account. May be it’s a director’s loan?
But still don’t know how to manage the Night out. My accountant told me that she’s not supposed to give me answers on how to do it… which is fair enought…

So you are the director of a limited company, and your company gets paid by an agency to provide HGV driving services. Your company then pays you (its employee) a wage which is taxable and an overnight allowance which is not, and reimburses you for expenses like toll charges?