No Bank Connectivity (HSBC)


I’ve logged in this morning and my bank feed (HSBC) says ‘No Connectivity’.

The status is OK and the feed is active for another 78 days.

Any ideas as to why and what to do please?

Thank you.

Same problem with me and with HSBC.

Hi @DS0 @Dirrall

Please accept our apologies for this. It looks like HSBC had scheduled maintenance which was supposed to end at 7am this morning, but this is still on-going.

Hi QFMathew,
I have got a similar problem. Everything looks ok but it doesn’t get any new transaction since the 9th of December. When I click on refresh I get the green message, No new transactions but there are 7 waiting to be picked up. The over-night upload and the refresh doesn’t work

Thanks for your reply.

@Dirrall @DS0 - This is now showing as completed. Would you mind trying to manually refresh the feed again and seeing if this now works all OK for you?

@rhc - Do you want to drop us a private message with some account details, and details of the missing transactions? We’ll take a look into this for you :slight_smile:

@QFMathew - Still showing ‘No Connectivity’ and now also saying ‘This bank has reported issues’

The “Reported Issues” part is controlled by us. We’ll remove it once we’ve had confirmation that it’s working all OK.

Even though it says “No connectivity”, are you able to refresh the feed?

Hi QFMathew,
just to let you know I have sent you a private message

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When I click on refresh feed it brings up the window to go back 21 days but no button to proceed any further.

I have the same problem as Dirrall.

Thanks for this. Bear with us while we look into this further.

I’ll keep trying and let you know if and when it works.

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I think it’s working again :grinning: Thanks for your help.


I’ve been trying all morning, no luck, just came across this post. Mine still doesn’t work for HSBC. I can click the calendar to go back 21 days, but no button to refresh.

Hi @designreaction

Would you mind trying again now, please?

For future reference, it’s worth checking our status page for any on-going issues -

Same issue continues with HSBC. No transactions since 10th Dec imported into QF

Hi @kevinf

In your Open Banking section, does it show that the connection is all OK?

Yes it does.

I have just refreshed the feed again and now it’s working. Strange.