No option to send by snail mail when only 3 lines in address

For some reason the option to send an invoice by snail mail is no longer offered when trying to send.
The other two options are available to send via email and a link
The option seems to only be available for sending letters.
I have enough credit but can’t understand where it has gone.

Am I missing something?

Is the client country in the UK? Our snail mail option will only support UK deliveries.

The other common cause for this problem is if the address is very short (3 lines or less). Adding district, region or county to the invoice address should bring back the snail mail option.

Thanks for your fast response. It is because the address is too short.
Is this a new rule?

I have been able to send snail mail for these clients before and I generally don’t fill out any other lines except the address (line 1), town/city, country and postcode as there is no more information to input as this is their full address.

There is no option to fill in a County so I can’t make the addresses any longer.

Is there any other solution?

It’s been like this since the beginning I believe. If you go into the invoice and click to modify the address you can add an extra line here:

And then edit and save. Don’t forget to then save the invoice.

I think 4 lines is the minimum, we may review this in the future if it becomes a more widely reported problem.

Sorry I am still confused.

I can understand your workaround but if I go to letters it works fine with the clients address as it is.
But not if I try and send an invoice it doesn’t give the option unless I put in at least 5 lines.

All my addresses are pretty much 4 lines, some are more.

Address (Line1)

As I explained, it was working ok as I sent an invoice by snail mail to the same client on the 14th March with no issues and when I tried to send an updated one today the option had gone.
Nearly all my clients invoices have stopped giving me the option to send by snail mail unless I add an extra line, which it wasn’t doing before.

This is why I believe the rules have been changed.
Also why would the option be available in letters but not in invoices for the same address details?

OK perhaps there’s another reason, unrelated to the explanation I provided. I will send you a private message to discuss further as I need to get some specifics about your account so I can see exactly what’s going on.

@Alex80 we have now updated the system to allow invoices to be sent to addresses with just 3 lines. I just wanted to come back and let you know.

Thank you for your help with this small issue. Alex.