Nominal code workaround for expenses

Hi Glenn

I know you are not ready to introduce the project feature yet and have proposed a work around in other posts. I’d like to be clear that I am heading the right direction with my understanding. Please see below:

We have multiple clients who are schools (otherwise called an account), we generate income from selling to their students. Therefore I am proposing to create a nominal code for each school for each year. I.e. Crofton School 2013, Crofton School 2014 and so on (until you’ve created the projects functionality). I understand the bit about tracking the income, that is fairly easy. Where I am confused is tracking the expenses. For example, from the student income, we have to buy flight tickets, insurance and other direct costs for which I will create nominal codes as below:
6010 Flight payments for student visits
6011 Flight payments for teacher visits
6020 Insurance payments for student visits
6021 Insurance payments for teacher visits
When it comes to generating reports etc. I’d need to know how much we’d spent on flights for Crofton not only for teachers but also for students in a particular year, but also how much we had spent on flights for the whole year. From what I can tell, doing it the way above would satisfy the latter but not the former of these situations. HAve I missed something or is a different way to achieve this?



Using nominal codes is far from ideal but was recommend as a work-around in some cases. I would say for the particular use case you mention above it will only really be fully achievable once we have a dedicated way of handling projects. This is a planned feature but it’s not something we are actually working on right now. I do expect this to be something that will be addressed later this year or early 2014, but unfortunately I have no fixed time-scale as yet.

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