Non-UK currency receipts & cash expenditure

I recently attended a business conference in Europe and paid for most expenses in cash. How best to allocate these Euro receipts?

I have created a Euro Petty Cash bank account to take the money withdrawn whilst abroad and enabled multi-currency invoicing. Not sure how I can best allocate the receipts though, as Receipt Hub only has GBP listed.

This issue also relates to online purchases that are not billed in GBP which can be rather tricky to file

I’ve generally found QuickFile really excellent and am recommending it to many of my clients - thanks!

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First, tag any money withdrawn from your business account as a transfer to the Euro Petty Cash bank account:

Now, enter all the purchases directly into your Euro Petty Cash bank account by clicking ‘Input New Transaction’:

Now click ‘Tag Me!’ to tag the transaction as a ‘Payment to a supplier’ you can either create a general supplier called ‘Generic Foreign Travel’ or create each individual supplier, select the appropriate category and finally click to save the purchase:

You can now either manually attach the receipt or link directly from the receipt hub by entering the amount of filtering by the supplier:

Thanks for the speedy reply - all clear now!

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