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Non VAT MTD pilot scheme reports not submitting yet

I signed up to the MTD pilot scheme for non VAT businesses some years ago but have come to regret it.

Quickfile works great for me and does create quarterly MTD reports but will not submit them until the full rollout of MTD.
As the date for that keeps being put back I now have loads of ‘overdue’ reports flagged on my HMRC account.

I have tried to tell HMRC I want opt back out of the pilot but with no response.
I have been submitting my returns and paying my tax as I previously did but I am concerned I am building up potential fines for the future.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.


Hi @mrshowbiz

It is probably worth you contacting HMRC to be sure that you won’t be fined unfortunately this isn’t something that we can help with

Yes, I have tried phone , email and snail mail.
no useful response from HMRC.

Sadly, I think I will have to switch to software that will submit to get any peace of mind.

Thanks for replying anyway Tim

Hi @mrshowbiz

Can I just ask - I know you’re not VAT registered but did they supply you with a VAT number to be able to submit the returns?

Hi Beth , thanks again for your reply,
No I haven’t had any VAT related info . Isn’t a VAT no. the definition of being VAT registered?

After signing up in 2018 ( when the full roll out was planned to be in 2019 ) the next time
I logged on to HMRC it just said “You have chosen to submit using software”
and started expecting the quarterly reports and marking them overdue as they expired.

The Covid /Brexit crisis has created the perfect excuse for lack of communication from HMRC.

I am completely in the dark as to my position. I have even considered ceasing to trade and then starting up again without this worrying uncertainty.

Regards Tim

Try posting the question in UK business forums or accountingweb. Someone on those sites will likely have had the same issue.

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Hi Paul,
Thanks for the help, I’ll try posting as you suggest…

Regards Tim

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