Non VAT registered company and retaining VAT record

I have just started to use Quickfile so I am sure this has been asked before. I started a Fish&Chip shop and restaurant and am not VAT registered as I didnt hit the level yet. However I should in the next few months so in readiness I want to start to record the VAT. I dont seem to be able to do this as it appears that unless IO have a VAT number it will not allow the VAT colume to appear

That is correct, logging VAT has a real impact on the figures so if you’re not VAT registered it is advisable not to log any VAT, otherwise your accounts will be incorrect. When you register for VAT your are allowed to reclaim on certain capital purchases (please refer to the HMRC VAT guidelines). What I would suggest to do in your case is to scan the receipts for any reclaimable items and upload this alongside the purchase invoice in Quick File. You can maintain a separate total of all such purchases if you like, you can then enter this as an adjustment on your first VAT return.