Some of the clients did not notice that they were receiving email from Will it be possible if they will want to send any emails in the future to receive a notification back allerting them the email they sent won’t be received?


Hi @Mums2Clean

The noreply email address is a dummy email address and doesn’t accept incoming emails.

However, we have made some changes to the way emails are sent for users who are not confident setting up their own SMTP servers for example. If your account is set up as, they will continue to send this way, and users will not be able to reply.

You can change the email address on your account by going to Account Settings >> Routine Emails. If this is a different address from our then these will be sent using a generic email address, but when your client replies, it will go back to the address you specify.

Hope that makes sense. Please let me know if you have any further queries.

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