Not able to edit designation in bank transaction

We are not able to edit the desscription in the bank transaction anymore. Have you removed the facility? Sorry to be such bother today.

No bother at all!

Are you doing this on a PC, tablet or phone?

When we added this feature we received some reports that a big part of the description was obscured. We later discovered this was happening on smaller displays (e.g. iPads, phones etc), so in the last release we disabled inline editing for screens below a certain resolution.

This is likely to be the cause, we can selectively enable it again, but these things can get complicated :smile:


This was from PC, first page worked no problem. If we did advance search or went to other pages, we lost the facility.

OK I see the problem. This turned out to be a very simple fix which we have now done. You may need to hold CTRL and click refresh on the statement view for it to work correctly again.

Thanks for letting us know!

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