Not receiving GoCardless Direct Debit payments


I’ve had an issue with recieving payment through quickfile/gocardless.

GoCardless is integrated with Quickfile so it’s not a third party application/integration messing anything up.

Basically the problem is, we set-up invoices for our clients and using just one as an example… They set up the Direct Debit, the first payment for a recurring invoice went through correctly, however… The next two payments that have been due since then didn’t go through. We checked GoCardless, and that particular customers DD profile still says £-correct price- monthly?

So as far as the client, and our company is concerned, there is no reasons for the payment to not go through automatically, every month on the set date.

So I was just wondering if anyone knew where the problem lies and what I can do/who to talk to, to try and sort this out as obviously this could lead to affecting our business badly.

Thanks for your help.

We’ve actually now contacted GoCardless and they have said it’s quickfile who send an instruction to GoCardless to take the money from the clients account.

So it seems that the instruction from quickfile to go cardless wasn’t sent at the right time, and one month not at all?


@Nexolutions I’ll PM you as I need to discuss a few things relating to your account.

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