Not receiving password reset emails

I have a few QuickFile accounts. In both cases I have one user that has a + in their email address. That user cannot receive password reset emails. Could it be related to the +?

Any idea how I can reset the password?

Hi @chmac,

Do they receive any of the other emails from QuickFile? or is it just the password reset email?

Hmm, I’m not sure. The email address has been disabled, I only re-enabled it yesterday, so I’m not sure what other emails QuickFile would have sent.

I’ve tested from several mail hosts, and incoming messages are working for that address. I’m also receiving other emails from QuickFile to the same mailserver (via a different domain). But none with a + in the address. I’ve noticed that the + can cause problems on some systems, but not sure if that’s the issue here or not.

It may have a block against it from when the account was disabled. I can check and remove the block for you, the + shouldn’t make a difference with QuickFile.

If you could let me know the last 4 digits of the QuickFile account this relates to I will be able to locate the email address and remove the block

I think it was an email block. I logged into our other account and saw this message:

A bounce was detected from this email address on 4 Mar 2021. Emails sent to this address will be temporarily blocked. Remove Block

I’ve been able to log in with my other account, so now everything’s sorted, thanks again.

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