Not renewing a quickfile subscription

Can you let me know what happens if I don’t renew an XL Quickfile subscription account.
Will I still have access to the data in read only for a period of time after it expires.
Can the data be restored if HMRC wanted to do an inspection?


Hi @luciadello

If an account falls into the L or XL categories but doesn’t have a subscription, then it will prompt you for a renewal before you can access the account.

As it stands, we don’t delete accounts nor their data, but this may change. We always recommend doing a full backup of your account which will give you a copy of the data on your account.

I hope that helps

Thanks, yes that clarifies what I need to do,
Kind Regards, Lucia

The account size is calculated on a rolling basis on the last twelve months of ledger entries, so if you didn’t pay your subscription you would initially lose access. But since you are no longer entering new ledger entries, there will come a point (probably somewhere between 9 and 12 months if you’re currently XL) where your account drops back to M size as there will be fewer than 1000 entries in the 12 months to that date. Assuming QuickFile don’t change the rules, from this point on you would have full access to all your historical data without needing to pay for a further subscription (unless you require the additional features that the subscription buys you).

That’s ok longer term but I’d need to extract the figures before then to produce the final year end numbers. Thanks for the idea though.

The alternative is to register for an Affinity account. These are normally targetted at accountants as a way to manage multiple accounts, but anyone can use one and charges accrue on a daily basis based on what accounts you have connected on that day. You could just connect your account to Affinity for a few days or weeks while you do your year end, then disconnect it again, and you’d only pay for those days rather than the whole year.

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