Number Entry Boxes - rounding & up/down arrow

I am entering receipts via the receipt hub and I notice that the VAT is displayed with 1 or no decimal places when the amount is a whole number, or a multiple of 10p. I don’t think it used to do this, but I don’t think it should anyway.

Also the number entry boxes all have up/down arrows now, which is distracting/unnecessary. This is also evident on the invoice creation pages, and I would assume everywhere across the site?

Hi @Lurch

Are you using Firefox by any chance?

We were made aware of this issue with Firefox recently, and it is being looked into.

Ah yes, that would have been helpful to mention I suppose! Yes, I am using Firefox. I did have a look to see if this issue had been raised before but didn’t find anything.

That is likely to be the issue. Not sure if Firefox has released an update recently as we haven’t changed anything here.

It was actually reported to us privately, so there isn’t a thread for this. But it’s good to have one to make others aware and keep track of where it is :slight_smile:

As always - we’ll update the thread as soon as we have an update. Watch this space!

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This was first reported on Friday and appears to be related to a recent FF update. We’ve just implemented a fix for most areas, the VAT box you mentioned was overlooked, but should be patched tomorrow.