Old invoices before starting quickfile

1- We have 2014 and 2015 outstanding invoices that I need to include

2- However they were not added at the start of the using quickfile this year

3- Basically we are attempting to get the money and want to reflect this on the system.

4- I also have a opening balance from 2015

5- the problem is that they have paid us part of the balance around 60% and the 40% is still to be repaid

6- I want to add these payments they made, but this make my bank balance all out unless I add a credit balance of the same balance eg

My opening is £1440.53 which makes my starting years bank balance £4100

and they owe us £9030.00

and have paid £5356.00

and the we are awaiting them to pay us the rest.

7- The following step I did was I added the invoices on to the system

8- I now want to Tag the invoices that were paid against the £5356.00

9- However when I do this obviously this will cause my bank balance to be out of sync

10- Therefore should I add a reversal of the £5356.00

11- I can’t adjust my opening balance as I would have to reduced my opening balance and included the payments so that I get to the starting balance.

12-However that amount is small so it would bring the opening balance as a negative amount as you can see so I was going to to the following

13- Therefore is good accounting practice to add a payment of £5356.00 so I can tag some of the outstanding invoices and then add the reversal of (£5356) which I would tag as a bank adjustment so that my bank balance would be correct. Hence allowing me to view the Client’s Account and would allow me to clear the account this year once I have been paid

14- I just want to do the correct thing on the system and I am struggling

So my bank balance would look like the following

Payment by Client of in 11/12/15 of £ 2659.47 means my Bank balance would be 12/12/15 of £4100
I have an opening balance of on the 10/12/15 of £ 1440.53

I received payment of £5356 during 2014 and 2015 so in actual effect this has been accounted for in my balance of £1440.53. I just do not want add all 2014 and 2015 transactions.

so was hoping if I added a reversal this would be acceptable