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One bank payment for several invoices


Please can you advise me.

I have been putting each transaction in separately when paid, and when the payment comes in from a client for several invoices i have deleted that amount and marked as paid separately. Would this alter my balance, or will QF recognise that i marked as paid separately?
Many thanks Amanda

As long as the totals match it shouldn’t make any difference, but you do know that it is possible to assign one payment to several invoices as long as they’re all for the same client. If you’re doing it from bank tagging you choose “payment from a customer” then “pay down multiple invoices”, if you’re logging payments directly then you select the checkboxes for the relevant invoices then the “mark as paid” option lets you create one lump payment covering them all.


I did a quick search on the forum and found this. Its the same as Ian’s answer but with a few images to help How to tag two invoices to one bank payment? - #2 by Parker1090

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Hi Spike,
Thank you that’s very helpful.
I will use that in future.


Hi Ian,
Thank you, I will do the multiples in future, my main concern was that i had deleted the lump sum and added payments to individual invoices that this may put my balance out?

Many Thanks

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