One GoCardless account on two different QuickFile accounts

I have two quickfile accounts and Go cardless direct debit is set up on only one of them for one of my clients. When i click on the set up a Direct Debit on the new quickfile account it gives me the option to move an existing GoCardless Direct Debit authorisation to QuickFile. If i do this will i have Go cardless set up on both quickfile accounts or will it move the account from the first qucikfile account to the second so its only set up on one?

You will have GoCardless setup on both accounts. Presumably that’s what you want?

Yes i want Go Cardless set up on both as there is two sides to the business they use.

You can have a single GC account linked to two QF accounts. The Direct Debits you setup are interchangeable between the two accounts and can work simultaneously on both.

When you pop open the DD box on the client screen there will be an option to grab the “Pre Auth ID”, you can then do the same on the other account and paste it in.

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