OneDrive integration?

I’ve just switched my company files to OneDrive from Dropbox as we have an Office 365 subscription so I thought it made sense but then realised I had ther DropBox integration set up for Backups etc.

Wondering if OnedDrive integration is a possibility for future?

For now I’ve set up the integration again (for backups) to my personal Dropbox as I realised I had been a little hasty…

I don’t work for QuickFile but I was able to develop an equivalent of the receipt hub Dropbox integration for Google Drive using the QuickFile API and Google Apps Script - there’s probably a way to do the same for OneDrive using Azure functions or similar.

Backups will be different as that is initiated from the QuickFile side, but you could make it send backups by email instead of Dropbox and then set up a rule in Outlook to save the attachments to OneDrive.


Or you could use some intermediary service. For instance I have a Synology NAS that can keep local folders synced with pretty much most/all online storage services so you can have all your company files in OneDrive and just sync the receipts folder with Dropbox using this service, which is pretty much what I do. Locally the OneDrive/Dropbox integration is completely transparent.