Online payment integration (Square)

Hello, I’m trying to integrate Square payments, how is this done in quickfile cos its not giving me the option to set it up when i select square

If not already done, go to the square website and open an account. Sign up for Square

In quickfile, click on account settings and Online Payment Integration and choose Square on the left hand side. Follow the steps. This will also create a bank/merchant account in your banking section.

It may takes a few days before you can connect / use your square account. They will check you, your business and so on before you can use it and before you can withdraw money from square.

Hope this helps

When i click square, in the integrations. There are no instructions to follow

Hi @Lindsey_White

Can I just check that you’d already signed up for Square and are just wanting to link this to your QuickFile account?

Just click Connect on the top right corner :slightly_smiling_face:

There’s no connect option

Hi @Lindsey_White

When you click on Square you should see this:

Can I check that if you select any of the other options do you see anything? It may be that there is something on your browser blocking this

I don’t see the activate option on any of the integrations. I’m using firefox, it doesn’t appear to be blocking anything?

Hi @Lindsey_White

I would recommend trying a different browser or using incognito mode so that this stops anything from running in the background, there may be a pop up blocker or plug in that’s stopping you from being able to see the page properly

it seems its not compatible with firefox yes. Google chrome works

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