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Open Bank Feed not uploading all inputs / outputs


I set up the paid for automatic bank feed for Barclays a few months ago and it refreshes the bank feed every day but not all debits and credits are uploaded.

For some reason it keeps missing items off and I cannot work out why. Its like it picks and chooses which to upload and which not to and its frustrating having to manually check and input payments etc when this is the reason we decided to pay for the feed.

Anyone have any idea how to fix or have a similar problem?

Thanks in advance



Hi @FireSafetyManagers

I’m sorry to hear about this.

Just to confirm that this is an Open Banking feed rather than a Yodlee feed? Are you noticing any patterns with the missing transactions?



I’m having the same issues with Barclays, I’ve already reset the link once, it used to update correctly each day, now it may go 2 days with no upload, and then it updates, but only some transactions.



Ive moved mine over to Yodlee already.



Hi @Mark_Ardron

If you’re using Yodlee we do have an alternative feed which may resolve this issue, which is the Open Banking feed. However this does only support current accounts at the moment.

Would you like me to help set this up for you?



Yes please Mathew. That would be great,



No problem - let me send you a private message. You should see a green notification in the top right corner shortly.



Hi Mathew, yes it is definitely an open banking feed.

there is no real pattern been noticed just that I will notice that a debit or a credit on my bank statement does not show on the feed. It is weird as I used the other bank feed before updating to this one and had no issue with it apart from it taking a few days to upload sometimes.



I did notice yesterday I had a new item in my online banking.

I refreshed the bank feed manually, and it didn’t appear. I waited a few minutes and refreshed the openbanking feed in quickfile for a second time, and the transaction appeared.

So it does seem as though there may be a data problem somewhere. (I am also with Barclays)



@tellytart I have tried that a few times but my transactions still do not appear. I was going to deactivate it and renable it but thought that might create more problems lol



I will contact you individually to get some specifics and we’ll take a look at this.

Please look for a green notification in the top right corner.


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