Open Banking Down - 13 March

With Open Banking changing over their signing algorithm today - will we need to do anything? I can’t currently sync my Barclays feed.

Will we need to revoke and re-set up the open banking feed on affected accounts, or do you expect it all to just start working again in a few hours?

Hi @tellytart

We’re monitoring this as it progresses. I believe all the changes are just on the way we communicate with the bank rather than anything related to permissions etc.

As it stands, I would expect this to start working again without any issues, but as I said, we’ll continue to monitor it and let users know if any action is required.

For reference, this is also on our status page:

Thanks. As it’s now 8pm, I assume the banks are still having problems with the new settings? When I go in to synchronise my bank feed QF says “Cannot validate bank feed”, and when I go to check the open banking settings, Barclays comes up as “No Connectivity”.

Do you have any updates?


Barclays Open Banking appears to be working normally this morning.

Hi @tellytart

I am glad that the Open Banking is working again normally for you. As always, please don’t hesitate to let us know about any issues.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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