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Open banking feeds - Nationwide Savings Accounts


I have a Nationwide account and the open banking feeds for the current and credit card accounts work fine. However, for some savings account I had to use Yodlee. I got a notification this morning that there were open banking feeds available for the savings account, so I deleted the Yodlee feeds. However, they don’t appear on the open banking feed list. I have tried disconnecting and re-connecting the open baking feed, but still no joy. Any ideas?

Hi @bernie

Apologies for any confusion - savings account and credit card support is limited at this time, but it’s likely they will be introduced in due course.

Thanks Matthew, I understand that, but i am getting these messages:

“2 Yodlee Feeds were detected that must be migrated to an Open Banking feed before 14th September . Please act now to avoid any disruption to your feed”

“There is now a direct Open Banking feed for this account, please update before 14th September”

Its not so much a problem, and I can keep checking the open bank feeds to see if they appear. Its just a bit disconcerting.

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