Opening Balances Journal error message

Hi, I’m transferring to Quickfile from Sage 50 A/Cs and have decided to key in the minimum of opening balances as I’m transferring at Year-End, before I have entered any transactions for the new year. I don’t need any detail transactions from previous years. However, in spite of the fact that my Journal balances (DR equals CR totals) I get this message: “There are errors on the form that need to be corrected (highlighted in pink)!” after I click on the Save Journal button. Well, there is no pink highlighting, so I’m stumped. I attach a screen grab (pdf format). You’ll see the postings couldn’t be simpler. My only thought is that Quickfile does not allow direct posting to the Retained Earnings account (3200) maybe. Any help would be great as this is my first venture into Quickfile; seems a lot easier to use than Sage. Thanks, Doug.Quickfile Journal Query.pdf (124.5 KB)

The message is referring to the “description” column - you have to enter a description for each line as well as selecting the nominal code. But given what this particular journal is you could just put “Opening balance from Sage” in the top row and then use the little grey down arrow buttons to copy this down to the rest of the rows.

Thanks Ian, that was exactly the problem and I have now my opening balances in the system. Doug.

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