Option to include project tags in custom reports

Any thoughts on whether including project tags in customer generated reports might be considered? The chart of account codes are currently included in project P&L reports, so I assume the relevant data is already available somewhere.

Hi @Tony

This could very well be possible. I’ve moved this into it’s own #feature request. We can certainly investigate the feasibility of this if there’s enough interest.

I’m still interested in this feature or something similar. I’m a publisher and I use the P&L statements from Projects to work out royalty payments for a large number of books. At the moment, I have to download each project P&L statement individually. If I had the ability to download P&L statements in bulk from selected projects, it would really help me to speed up my quarterly royalty calculations. I can recreate the P&L calculation from the raw data in the QuickFile backup files, but then I’m recreating functionality that already exists in QF, and I’m sure you guys can do it better than me!

I am interested on this too.