Order customers by most invoiced

Is there a way to work out who your best customer has been throughout the year? I cant find an option for this?
Many Thanks in advance.

Best customers in what way?

Thanks for getting in touch. I am looking to see who my best customer is as in who I have invoiced the most so far this year? I thought there might be an option to display this?

Try this, click on sales > All clients > Advance search > tick on Total Invoiced > click on submit then you can toggle filter on Total Invoiced column

Oh brilliant. Thank you very much indeed. That worked. Can it be split into separate financial years or will it just show all time records?
Thanks again.

That will show you history from day one you had that customer, if you need to see break down then just click on customer name, it will take you to customer screen where you can see all invoices

Many many thanks indeed. That’s me sorted