Organization ID not found

When I tried to file VAT return with MTD. Received error message “Organization ID not found”. Have also been confirmed to file using MTD by HM Customs on 30 May 2019. I had previously created a test VAT return to check accuracy in May. That worked. Now I can’t even ]get that far. I solved this problem by opening new Tax Account. However, when I submitted the VAT Return, received the following message:
Hmrc Error Code; 401
Message: Authentication information is not provided.

Hi @Frank

Can I just check that you have linked the correct HMRC account to your QuickFile account?

It should be the same HMRC account that you can use to access your VAT information through the HMRC website.

Also check that your MTD settings are correct in the VAT Settings area of your account.

Thanks. I have submitted my VAT Return.

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