Out of scope on supplier invoice

We have a parcel2go invoice that has a vat amount as well as a part that is out of scope. How can I enter this on one purchase or do I need to raise 2 one for vat th other for out of scope?

The OOS flag in QuickFile is at the invoice level rather than the line level so if that part is genuinely OOS as opposed to zero rated or exempt then I guess you’d have to split it into two purchases. What exactly are the two parts for?

On the parcel2go invoice its does not give a full mbreakdown. It is only a small amout of 34p that is OOS.

In that case if it were me I’d just treat it as zero rated and include that as a separate line item.

No one will really care whether its included in the vat return or not so long as there’s no vat attached to it.

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