Outbound e-mail settings

Hi, I have changed the outbound e-mail settings but the changes do not seem to have had any effect. The standard subject lines are still being applied.

Please could you advise

Kind regards


Do you have any specific examples? What mail template are you experimenting with?

Hi Glenn, you are as prompt as ever.

Okay, from the menu, I am selecting All Settings -> Outbound E-mail settings and then selecting each of the templates for example “New Login Credentials” and then the option to Modify.

In this case I have modified the subject line to read

Radio Society of xxxxxxx - Member Accounts Portal

This is to ensure that our members recognise that the communication is official communication from the club rather than spam.

I have made similar changes to each of the standard outbound message types

Kind regards


Thank you for the clarification. I was able to replicate this problem for the first two templates New Client Account Created and New Login Credentials. We will get this fixed today and hopefully we can roll out sometime tomorrow.