Outstanding Invoice Reminder

Can you help with why an outstanding invoice is not appearing in the reminder / Credit control panel.
It is showing as an outstanding invoice.

First things first, if you click on this green box, does it show up in the list?

Like so:

If yes, is it over due? If not, that’s why you can’t send a reminder for it yet.

If no, go to your invoice view:

And does the invoice show as ‘SENT’ rather than ‘DRAFT’?

I have checked as you suggested and it does appear in outstanding invoice list and has been sent and I have in fact sent Reminder 1 and 2 but it no longer appears. Is it possible that I have deleted it from the credit control screen and is there any way to bring it back.

Once you’ve sent a reminder it will disappear from the credit control screen until the next reminder interval is reached.

Worth noting, that if you wish to resend a reminder, or if you send them manually and have deleted it by accident:

Go into the invoice, click ‘Send invoice by email’, and you’ll see the reminder options

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