Outstanding payment in supplier's QuickFile account

Supplier says he has payment outstanding in his qf account linked to our main account.

In our account we see all payments have been made. His link is still active so we don’t know how it has become mismatched with our account

If an account is mapped, when the supplier creates an invoice it will appear as a purchase invoice in the client account. If the client pays this invoice it won’t automatically add a payment record on his side. The purpose of mapping is really just for invoice creation, it doesn’t currently go beyond that and automatically create payment records on the supplier side…mainly because the system can’t know what account to post such payments to on the supplier end.

Hope that makes sense!

Also there’s a control issue, if the invoice is incorrectly updated as paid in error or no payment is received. It may be better to have an automated remittance advice sent once payment is logged on a linked account, that way the payment can be confirmed by the other party before confirming it was actually paid.

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OK, does that mean that the supplier would need to mark his account as paid ?

Yes that is correct.