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Over eager SMTP deactivation

I am experiencing difficulty with emailing invoices from Quickfile. The message I am setting back is

" We have been unable to send a number of items through your own custom SMTP email server. The last 3 consecutive attempts failed. The error recorded is as follows:

Email: treasurer@{ourdomain} Error: One or more errors occurred. → Failed to send mail 12227056 via SMTP host 'mail.{ourdomain} '. Reference: ‘6131568972’; SenderEmail: 'treasurer@{ourdomain} '; Recipients: ‘linda@{customer domain}’; Num. Attachments: ‘0’. → The operation has timed out."

This has happened twice now, and indeed this is the only invoice we have tried to send in this way. Initially I suspected that our email host was down but today (several days later), I have verified that the email host is working normally.

Advice would be appreciated.

Bangs head. Wrong port selected. I forgot that the port used is not updated with the security method (STARTTLS) etc.

No further action required.

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Hi @Mike

Glad you managed to resolve your issue :slight_smile:

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