Over payment to a Supplier

Hi. I underpaid an invoice by £24.00 then paid then £30 instead (an over payment of £6) This will be adjusted at their next invoice by reducing the amount by £6. How do I tag the over payment against the invoice and then an underpayment against another invoice please?

Hello @eftlizzie

If you have the bank transaction of £30.00 untagged, follow the tagging process as normal. When it comes to selecting the invoice, select “Pay down multiple”, and manually select the relevant invoice.

In this case, the £24.00 will be assigned to the selected invoice (providing only £24.00 is due), and the remaining £6.00 will be allocated to the supplier as a pre-payment.

On the next invoice, when the £6.00 is deducted, use the “Log Payment” button on the invoice preview, and select “Pay from credit”:

This will leave the remaining balance outstanding.

I hope that helps!

Hi Thank you. I have done this (more than once) but it shows that it is paid in full. Is this correct. Perhaps you could have a look at the invoice (QF1905) CMIS in question for me and see what I have done in case I have not allocated correctly? Thank you

If you want to view a breakdown of this invoice, you can click the link at the top of the invoice itself:

In this case, I can see an allocation of 2 payments, with £6.00 unallocated, so it’s been added to their balance as a prepayment. When you go to pay off the next invoice, if you follow the steps above (use the “Log Payment” option) then it will show the £6.00 for you.

Hi. Thank you for that. Very helpful as always. I shall do as you suggest when the next invoice is paid.
Happy New Year.

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