OVER Payments

Is there a way to show payments that are on account to suppliers on the main screen, so as not to lose consideration of them, and are they show as a credit in the accounts?


They will be accounted for in your balance sheet as part of the creditors control account balance (which should always be equal to the outstanding balance on your purchase invoices minus the total of unallocated payments on supplier accounts).

that account just shows every single credit and debit , which one is the overpayment?

Hi @pelican

They wouldn’t necessarily show up there in a different way to any other payment. However, you can go to Purchases >> Show all suppliers.

From here, if you do an Advanced Search and tick Prepayments, this will show you a list of all suppliers and any prepayments on record.

thanks i just did that now i have a list of prepayments that should not be there ! how do i trace the prepayment ? can i list the prepayments by entry ?

If you go to Purchases >> View payments, you can then do an Advanced Search. If you set Type to Unallocated, this will show you any payments that are sat on a suppliers account and not allocated to an invoice.

For reference, the same is possible for clients by going to Sales >> View payments.

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