Overdue invoices no longer showing in dashboard?

Normally when I have overdue invoices I get a red warning on the dashboard and an option to send the invoice to the client again. This has been working fine until now - two invoices I have with 7 day payment terms are now 8 and 9 days past their first warning but it’s not giving me the option to send a reminder.

Anyone else experiencing this? The invoices are still in the system, just not allowing reminders to be sent.

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Are your Auto reminders in place by any chance?
See log of events at bottom of dashboard if reminders been sent.

You can send manual reminders, go to invoice screen, click on send, you will see options like reminder1,2 and 3

No, no auto reminder set up. I can now send by the normal method but the pop-up reminder was very useful.

If you click on quikfile logo at top left, you should see red reminder bar just below blue bar, if you clcik on Green area of Money owed to you, overdue invoices should show up in red, you can double check reminder option by clicking timer icon next to due date

It may be that the reminder will show after the nth day not on the nth day if that makes sense? I believe say for example if you set the reminder to appear 7 days after the overdue date it will be after 7 full days, not on the 7th day.

Hi Glenn,

That’s what I thought but I left it more than a day and it still hadn’t appeared.

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