Overpaid invoice

Hi Hopefully this is an easy one.
I sent an invoice to a customer for £531 they’ve paid £5310 directly into our acc - nice, but now we have to refund.
1st - how do I tag this transaction as their invoice dosen’t come up as an option when ‘payment from a customer’ is chosen.
2nd - depends on the 1st I suppose, but when we repay the difference ( here’s the complicated bit, minus currancy exchange) how is that allocated.
Thanks for any help

“pay down multiple invoices”, type in the right customer name, and you should be able to allocate £531 of the payment to their invoice, leaving the remaining £4,779 held on account as a prepayment.

Now go to the invoice, click through the “there is a payment number … allocated to this invoice”, and there’s a button at the top to “refund balance”.

What exactly do you mean by “minus currency exchange”? Do you mean you’re actually refunding a bit less than that to compensate you for the bank charges? In that case I guess the simplest approach would be to raise another invoice for the customer to “charge” them the amount you’re retaining and pay that from their credit first, then “refund balance” to refund the remainder.

Spot on Ian, thanks. Once we repay through our bank and it shows up in quickfile (bank account) Will I then get the option to tag that to the payment/refund number?
We recieved about £9.30 less due to exchange rate (don’t know why we got the hit & not him) anyway I’ve taken the £531 & I presume he will loose a bit more on the return transfer, cheers

The act of doing “refund balance” will create a pre-tagged transaction on the bank account in QuickFile. When the duplicate comes through untagged from your feed you can just delete it (delete the one from the feed, I mean) and everything will balance nicely. You can amend the date of the pre-tagged one if necessary.


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