Overpayment to Supplier

In one crazy moment I paid a supplier twice. I have allocated the first payment to the invoice but have not allocated the second payment to an invoice. QF = This payment is currently unallocated.
Payment was by bank transfer on both occasions but the supplier returned the overpayment by cheque. So I need to resolve the cheque holding account in addition.
How should I resolve this please?

I’ll try and help :smile:

So in my example, I have a purchase of £20 and will pay my supplier £40.

My purchase:

And I have my £40 bank transaction which I’m about to tag. As normal, you would tag the £40 as a payment to a supplier:

and select the multiple invoice option:

Enter their name, and you can allocate it to their account:

Go back to the purchase invoice, and click log payment and tick the apply from credit: (it would appear I already have £20 on the account - hence why it’s £60 rather than the £40)

When the cheque comes into your account, go to the supplier payment screen:

Find your payment and go into it:

You will see a button at the top to refund the balance, click it and enter the details. This will create the bank transaction too, so if you have already put a cheque entry in the bank, you can delete it.

And then in my bank, I’ll have the money going out, and the money coming back in:

That seems a bit long winded, but that’s how I would do it. If anyone knows a better way, please feel free to correct me!

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

First I would go to the bank, find the duplicate payment, click to tag and select “Something else not on the list”.

Post it to a purchase nominal, you can use “General Purchase” if you like.

Now when they return the payment repeat the process and post it back to the same nominal code. That should be absolutely fine!


Although @Parker1090 s method would also work it’s a tad long winded for a simple in-out transaction like this.

It is a bit long winded! In all honesty, I weren’t 100% sure myself in terms of accounting for it correctly so I took the option that QF would give me.

I have taken Glenn’s approach… 2 easy steps and does not involve messing with the cheque holding account.
Thanks very much both of you

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