Overriding auto VAT

Can auto calculated VAT answer be overwritten whilst still maintaining total Bill cost?

Hi @Bill,

If you overwrite the VAT amount you may need to change the NET amount for the Gross to calculate correctly

Hi Beth,

Thanks for reply. Yes, Ive gradually worked that out but . . . . . it seems to be very difficult to then agree total ( individual purchases ) payment total as the adjusted net and VAT do not easily allow agreement with gross amounts ( in all cases ).

Tricky. Might be easier, as user, if one is allowed to manipulate all gross, net and VAT figures so as to circumvent this issue.

Ill continue playing with things and test

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It depends how you’re creating purchases, if you’re working via the receipt hub then you enter the gross initially, then you can override the VAT amount and it’ll calculate the net.

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