Overwriting VAT on purchase invoices


Am just looking at quickfile for one of my clients and need to know if the following can be done. Sometimes a receipt or a purchase invoice will have an amount a penny or two different which I usually cure in my own software by overwriting the VAT box which adjusts the nett price.accordingly, it appears you can’t do this in quickfile, it just reduces or increases the gross by the same amount. Can this be overwritten in the same way sales invoices can (found the thread on that one)



Yes you can certainly override the VAT on the purchase invoice as you can with sales invoices. You can just cursor into the VAT box and change the amount. The gross will always be calculated from the NET + VAT as it should do.

Thanks Glenn, see what you mean and it works. In my own software the default is to enter the gross which then splits the VAT and nett figures. If I alter the VAT it adjusts the nett figure, and I guess I’ve just got used to working that way.