P&L Account Figure is Zero

Hi, I ran an end of year process for 2012/13 and I had a network error in the process of doing this. My P&L Account figure on the Balance Sheet is zero and I have a Profit & Loss Account figure that appears to be carried forward from two years ago. Not sure what is going on. I’ve tried deleting end of year journals but the system won’t let me delete them all. Thanks for any help. John

Did you complete the year ends sequentially for previous years? What happens otherwise is the full P&L figure up until the year end will be journalled to “3101 Retained Profit & Undistributed Reserves”. You should be able to remove the year-end journal and complete any previous year-ends first.

Hi Glenn, that looks to be what’s happening. I think I may have run a previous year end after running the most recent and perhaps this is what has caused the issue and not the network error. I was unable to remove all the year end journal entries, I tried down up and up down and was left with either one or two. I’d already tried the Delete all Journals button but that didn’t do anything. Regards

I should have mentioned, the journals also need to be deleted sequentially, most recent to oldest.

Thanks, I just noticed that two manual journal entries for the same financial year are after the year end journals so perhaps that’s also an issue.

I can’t delete any journals, absolutely stuck. Tried unlocking but won’t let me delete any journals.

I can see the delete button on all your journals, are you able to provide a screenshot of the exact problem?

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