Paid invoices listed as overdue

I generate purchase invoices when posting payments from the bank - so there is no outstanding balance. I am doing my wife’s accounts (parent4success) and the balance sheet shows £3407.34 of unpaid invoices. I tried deleting one outstanding payment (that has been paid) and it then deleted the original payment and purchase record, so my bank did not balance by the same amount. However when I go back to the original bank payment it has correctly posted the cash and raised a purchase invoice. It seems that the system is generating 3 entries, not the 2 entries for double entry.

How can I clear out these incorrect outstanding payments without affecting the bank transactions and balances?


I see £2407.34 on your creditor control account. However you have a supplier with another £1000 sitting on their account (unallocated).

I’m not fully understanding the problem here, but I can confirm that the system will only ever post matching DR and CR entries. If you want to a see a list of all outstanding purchase invoices you can just click the red box here: