Paid Supplier Invoices Report - can you get project codes included

I would like to create a report which shows me the purchase payments made but for it to include the project codes. This is so on my cashflow forecast I can see how much of each projects budget has actually been paid out. Thank you

Hi @sharonj

There isn’t a direct way to do this I’m afraid. The only options you have here are the following:

  • View the cash based graph per project tag, which would show how much has been paid
  • View a list of all invoices assigned to a project tag
  • View a list of all invoices and their associated project tags
  • View a Profit and Loss (accrual based) report for a single project tag

I think perhaps the 3rd option listed above may be of some help as you could then filter the invoices by status (e.g. view only paid in full), but this wouldn’t be limited to a specific project tag.

Please let me know if you would like help with any of these.

Thank you for coming back to me so quickly. I think the only way I can do this is get the list of paid invoices for a particular month & then look up the project code for them. Shame as if I could have done it within 1 report it would have saved a lot of time. Thank you anyway.
Brilliant product by the way - I love Quickfile & have moved a few clients over from Sage to QF

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You could on the invoice management screen, click ‘Show Tags’ (top right corner) which would list all the tags per invoice:

Or if you wanted it on a project-by-project basis, you can view all the paid invoices from the ‘Show Tagged Items’ option:

Thanks also for the positive feedback! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately for my Cashflow Forecast I need to know the date it was paid rather than the invoice date. Thanks for looking at it again - much appreciated