Part credit note against locked transaction

HI. Accrual accounting. Ref: Invoice received in VAT quarter now submitted so transaction locked. I have now received a part credit note against it dated current VAT quarter. The amount I will pay therefore will be less than the amount showing as Unpaid on my QF banking system. I can’t seem to subtract the credit note from the original invoice as it is a) part credit and b) in a different quarter. I bet this is simple, but I can’t find an answer in the Knowledge Base. Any help gratefully received

On the original invoice select “more options” then “credit note” and enter the details of the credit. If the invoice is completely unpaid then it’ll immediately ask you to confirm that you’re reducing the unpaid balance by the amount of the credit note, if the invoice is part paid you’ll have the option to do that, or to hold the credit on account, or to refund payments already made.

Thanks Ian. When I tried that last night the full invoice came up as requiring credit, I didn’t realise I could change the figures without deleting the invoice (which, of course, being locked, I couldn’t anyway…). So I just tried inputting the credit note amount and it worked. Thanks so much. Phew.

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