Part Payment from Credit

Is it possible to apply part payments from credits posted to customer/client account?

e.g. If a customer pays £10k to be applied to numerous invoices, but one of these only covers 50% of the total invoice value.

I can’t see an easy way to do this or think of an obvious work around.

Hope this makes sense!

The system will always try to pay the full amount from credit, this is what usually happens in most cases.

The only way to pay 50% of the invoice is to trick the system into thinking that that’s the full invoice amount. To do this you could add an extra negative line to the invoice to reduce it’s total value by 50%, then apply the amount from credit and finally remove the negative line.

Good trick, cheers.

Problem is they’re locked down for VAT now. Don’t suppose there’s any other way to deal with these?

The other option I guess is to locate the payment for the original credit, delete it from the bank and re-enter it as two separate transactions. Tag the first one as a prepayment to the client account, then go to the invoice and allocate that credit (which should equal 50% of the invoice). Now go to the second entry on the bank and tag that again as a prepayment to leave the remainder on the client account.

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