Part payment on Euro Invoice

Hi There,

I’ve got a client with about 10 partially paid invoices. They have just paid another some of money and I would like to assign some of this to one of the partially paid invoices. I selected ‘Pay down multiple invoices or assign to a client account’, entered the client’s name and I get the message ‘There are no unpaid invoices for this client’. In fact two of their invoices are completely unpaid.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?



When you are tagging the payment from the bank using this method, it will only show invoices with the same currency as the bank account. I think that’s why none are appearing in your case, I had a quick glance at your account and saw only Euro invoices outstanding.

If you received funds into a Sterling account to pay Euro invoices then you need to add the credit on the client screen using the following option. That way you can specify the amounts in GBP and EUR.

Just a side note…doing this will deposit an amount to the bank. This may create a duplicate, if it does just delete the untagged entry.

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