Partial Payments - Totals not updating

Hi All,
A few transactions Ive put through Quick file involved taking partial payments. However, when Ive done it the total still shows it as being the full amount of the original invoice. Is this meant to be like this?

As an example if I invoice £7500 put the customer only pays £6000 upfront in the ‘Money owed’ section it still show it as £7500 rather than just the £1500 remaining.

Any help would be appreciated.

Column says Total not Outstanding Total, you would need to click on invoice to see out standing balance or may be QF can add another column for out standing balance

The standard invoice list will always show the gross totals of the invoice not the balance. The client detail page will show the total amount owed including any partial payments. You can also use the debtor ageing report to breakdown client amounts owed according to the number of days past the due date.