Partial refund on fully paid invoice

I would like to partially refund some of my clients for fully paid GC invoices. I’ve already raised Credit notes for the fully refunded clients but I am not sure how to manage the partial refunds. It is important that the credits appear in the project so that I know what has been spent.

The fact that they were paid via GoCardless doesn’t have any bearing on how the credit note is processed in QuickFile. Although you will still need to actually initiate any refund on the GoCardless control panel.

Once you’ve done that, to process a partial refund you would locate the original invoice, click on the Credit Note option then edit the credit note to reflect the amount refunded.

Edit the values here:

Thanks very much Glenn. I didn’t realise that you were able to edit the credit note.

Sorry to ask yet another question. This resolves the client side. The Supplier has now sent a cheque for the total refund and it has been banked and an entry has added to the cheque holding account. I raise a credit note on the supplier and assigned it to the supplier and not to the account. This has balanced the project but not the supplier account.
Any suggestions?

I’m not sure exactly what you mean here? By supplier account do you mean the balance outstanding on the supplier is incorrect? How did you create the credit note? When saving did you nominate the bank to deposit to?

No I did not nominate the bank to deposit to should I have done?

If it’s a refund yes, as the other option is to hold the funds on the supplier account for use later. You mentioned that your supplier issued you with a cheque so it does sound like a refund.

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