Partial Supplier Refunds


We have received & banked a cheque which covers a partial refund from a supplier for services we used across last year.

We won’t be using the supplier going forward so can’t use this as a credit ‘on account’ as it where, against future invoices. The total refund is also greater than any single invoice received from them last year, so it isn’t recognised when I attempt the standard ‘Tagging’ in my Bank Statement list etc.

Can anyone offer advice on the right way to refect this payment please?

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Hi @Scruffies

If the value is greater, you can either create a new purchase, and put the value as a negative:

This won’t show the original invoice as refunded, but it allows you to record it in one go. Alternatively, you could record it twice. Once against the original invoice (More Options > Credit Note), and second as the remaining balance.

Hope that helps!

Perfect - just what I was looking for.:relaxed:

Much appreciated.


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Once the new negative purchase is created, what do we do with the credit into the bank account? How do we tag it?

The negative purchase would have created a bank transaction for you as part of the process, so you can simply delete the duplicate untagged entry to balance your account.